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About Us

Limited Heat is a so called “cookgroup” based in Norway. The sole purpose of our server is to assist our users in copping limited apparel for retail prices. By joining our servers and actively using our tools and monitors your chances of copping limited apparel will increase exponentially. With a handful of talented staff members and vide variety of knowledge we will guide you on your path to success.

Our Team

The team at Limited Heat is made up by 15 very talented individuals from all over the world. Every staff member masters their own set of skills and have the sole purpose of helping our members. Several of our staff members are able to make a 5 figure income solely from reselling on their spare time. By reaching out to our staff via our Ticketing system you are able to get 1-1 help from a staff member whom will help and guide you on maximizing your profits. We don’t have any socials atm but I’ll get that sorted aswell as testimonials within the day

Our Services

Find out why so many of our members succeed


Never miss a drop or restock with our blazing fast monitors. With support for sites like DSM, KITH and UNDEFEATED you’ll always stay posted on the latest releases and restock. The majority of our monitors support ATC and BOT compatibility. With this you will be able to checkout products in a matter of seconds.


Our monitors are constantly scanning supreme for restocks. With autocheckout support you will be able to chek out on restocks with a couple of clicks. With detailed drop lists and keywords you will also have all the necessary information to setup your bots without the need of sourcing extra information

Site/Raffle Lists

Tired of spending hours on sourcing raffles and sites that will drop the products you are seeking? Don’t know the drop time? If the site supports international shipping? With our Site/Raffle lists you will be able to click around and get a detailed list’s with all the necessary information you are seeking.

Early Links

With the help of some talented individuals we are able to source tons of early links, including variants for limited drops. This will greatly improve your chance’s in copping limited heat as you should have all the necessary information to promptly ATC and checkout.

1-1 Help

Are you new in the reselling game? Do you have any burning questions? Are you just curious about a drop or maybe need help setting up a Bot for the first time? With our in house team we will be able to give you 1-1 assistance and guide you through the process of becoming a successful reseller.


Taking care of our community is our main priority. With a designated share of our budget we will host weekly, monthly and yearly giveaways on the items you guys seek. With polls and suggestions we will host giveaways on the item’s our members find most attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the questions we are asked the most!

When will you guys restock?

We do not have any planned restock dates. We suggest that you follow us on Instagram for a heads-up if we ever plan a restock. All copies drop at random time on a FCFS basis.

Do I need sneaker bots to join?

You absolutely do not. Our server was created to help all kinds of people. That includes users going manual as well as users who run bots. However bots are not necessary to join our group.

Why do you guys restock so few memberships?

Our team want’s to give the best service to the current users. We will gradually expand our user base, but at the moment we want every user to get the help they seek without having to wait an eternity.

How do I join? It always says “Sold Out”?

Limited Heat will restock at random times. We suggest you follow us on Instagram as most of our restocks will take place there. If you are from Norway we suggest joining HYPEBEAST NORGE on Facebook as some of our restocks will take place there.

Do I have to live in Norway to join?

No you do not. Even though most of our user base is from Norway our group is mostly focused on users from EU and North America. This means that all users from both EU and North America will find useful information and get reliable assistance from our server.

How does the pricing work?

Our price is set at 549NOK per month. That is equivalent of ≈ 45USD. Once joined you can choose to cancel you subscription at any time. You should however be aware that once cancelled, your license will be terminated. This means that you will have to go through the process of scoring another license from one of our FCFS drops.